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Between parking farther away, and the 10-minute walk break, "taking the stairs" stands as the poster child for adding a little more exercise into your day. But you shouldn’t look at taking the stairs as some one-off chance to add more steps into your pedometer. Stair climbing is a vigorous form of exercise that results in much higher muscle activity than brisk walking so a little goes a long way. To that end, intentionally adding stair-climbing sessions can improve your stamina, help you burn a significant amount of calories, and save you time on working out.

Stair-Climbing for Sport

You know stairs are everywhere, so why do so many of us think about taking the stairs as just an alternative to the elevator in an office building? Also called tower running, it’s officially a sport. The first annual USA National Championships took place in Las Vegas last month when climbers took to the stairs at the iconic Stratosphere Casino Tower. The American Lung Association sponsored the Scale the Strat event and does so for a great deal of stair-climbing races for their Fight for Air campaign. While many of the stairs included in the races are held in office buildings, a great map to find outdoor public stairways in and around your city can be found here. The trouble with using buildings is that you should ask for permission and you may be limited to the business hours of the building, which may lead to some awkward run-ins as workers take the stairs.

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These days, just about everyone has a digital camera within reach, so you can never know when you’ll be caught on camera. Prepare for your next snapshot and/or photo shoot with these beauty and style tips.

Love the Lens

What you may see as a flaw, say a space between your front teeth, big ears or tons of freckles, others may see as endearing. Those are the traits that make you, well YOU, so use them to your advantage and embrace them with confidence.

It sounds a bit obvious, but remember to smile. It brightens up the face and exudes confidence, which really make the difference between a great photograph and just a picture of you.

Confidence is essential and if you’re having fun in the photo, your makeup and clothing will be secondary.

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What you need to know before, during and after a bikini wax

Beauty Tip

You’ve got to love summer … Barbecues, long weekends, trips to the beach and bikini lines. Down here in Florida, where it's particularly warm, ladies need to maintain just about year round.  We might not be able to make waxing pain-free, but there are a few pointers you can follow to ensure your health and your results.

Before Your Wax

Time it right: The skin around your bikini line is more sensitive around the time you get your period, therefore try to avoid waxing a few days before and a few days after it starts.

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