Jennifer Lopez Raises Eyebrows...Again

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JLo knows how to rock a skimpy outfit. We know that.

But apparently some Britain's Got Talent viewers were surprised and up-in-arms Tuesday night after the star performed on the show in an outfit that was thought to be a little too racy for family viewing.

The star's leotard, boots and feathery-sleeved outfit was similar to the bright red one she wore during the recent Billboard Music Awards show.

But from the back, the black British version gave her the appearance of almost wearing a thong.

And from the front, when she knelt down on stage, she offered up an in-your-face crotch shot.

Within moments, Twitter and online forums were filled with comments from viewers who complained about her "inappropriate" outfit.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Think I have seen a little too much of Jennifer Lopez -- meant to be a family show? #inappropriate #bgt." Another one said: "#BGT does #jenniferlopez realize it's a family show -- only thing missing was the pole - cover up your cheeks please!"

The Huffington Post's U.K. site says, "The singer was centimeters from a wardrobe malfunction as she gyrated on the floor during a risqué routine." In an online poll at the site, 55% say she "should have covered up" because kids were watching.

J.Lo hasn't addressed any of the gasps. She tweeted a photo of herself and her dancers, saying, "Thanks gottalent for a great night." And Simon Cowell gave her his stamp of approval, tweeting that she was "incredible" on the show tonight. "A total superstar."